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Unique Baby Shower Ideas

Posted by on 4:24 pm in Blog | 0 comments

Baby showers and gender reveal parties are all the rage these days, and seem to get bigger and more extravagant. Games, decorations, catering and more – if you are planning a baby shower for yourself or a close friend then we have our Top 7 Unique Baby Shower Ideas from the experts in jumping castles in Adelaide, Jump First. Not just for the Ladies Baby showers have often just been for the expectant mum and her friends, but why shouldn’t dad’s friends celebrate too? Make the invitations more gender neutral and make sure everyone knows that...

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What’s Hot in Kids’ Parties for 2019

Posted by on 6:57 pm in Blog | 0 comments

Planning a special birthday for one of your children in 2019? Check out this list of birthday party trends for 2019 from the best crew for jumping castles in Adelaide, Jump First. Throwing a kids’ birthday party can be a little stressful, for a number of reasons. You have to worry about the weather, about dietary considerations, and why doesn’t anybody know how to RSVP anymore? But if you have cool kids, you need to be on trend with your party ideas as well. You can’t throw a birthday party that is so last season… Your kids would be...

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Top Five Common Mistakes in Jumping Castle Hire

Posted by on 5:57 pm in Blog | 0 comments

If you are looking for jumping castle hire in Adelaide for your next birthday party, fete or the work Christmas do, don’t make the most commonly made mistakes. As the foremost provider of jumping castles in Adelaide, we have seen it all, and know what not to do. We have put together a super quick and incredibly helpful list of the most common mistakes people make when hiring jumping castles in Adelaide (or in any city really). 1. Choosing the cheapest provider With jumping castles, they may cost slightly more than you think they will, and you...

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Summer is here: Five supercool reasons for Water Slide Hire in Adelaide

Posted by on 7:01 pm in Blog | 0 comments

Actually, these aren’t just good reasons to hire a water slide in Adelaide – they are good reasons for water slide hire anywhere. But our business is in water slides and jumping castle hire in Adelaide – so that is where our expertise lies. Even though we don’t shiver through the snowy winters of the Northern Hemisphere, Aussies generally aren’t big fans of the cooler months. You have probably begun to feel some sun on your skin recently – yep, summer is coming, and we think that is a good excuse for a party. I’m sure these reasons for having...

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Seven Great Ideas for Boy’s Birthday Parties

Posted by on 9:11 am in Blog | 0 comments

Now, we don’t like to say that some party ideas are for boys and some are for girls; of course, any of these ideas would suit either boys or girls! But if you are looking to throw a birthday party leaning towards the blue or rowdy end of the scale, here are some themes from the leaders in bouncy castles in Adelaide. If you are putting together a party at home or in a local park there are so many great ideas to choose from. We have outlined some of our favourites timeless concepts below that we think will be a great hit with parents and...

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Seven Great Ways to Entertain Children at Your Wedding: Why you need jumping castle hire for your big day

Posted by on 9:48 am in Blog | 0 comments

While everyone wants their wedding to be unique, there is one thing they all have in common, it is a long day for the wedding party, guests and children. From ceremony to the photos to the speeches to the reception and then some, all added up a wedding day takes a very long time. And if you have invited children to your wedding, how do you keep them entertained? If you add some child-friendly activities across your wedding, you will make everybody happy. The kids will love it, their parents will be able to focus on the wedding, and even...

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Seven fun-filled reasons to hire a jumping castle this summer

Posted by on 9:48 am in Blog | 0 comments

If you thought that just because Christmas was over, the partying has to stop, boy were you wrong! Throughout our Aussie summer there are a whole bunch of reasons why you should throw a shindig, and about a hundred excuses to rent a bouncy castle from the best team in Adelaide. Here we have listed the top seven for you. Birthday parties If you are planning a birthday party for sometime in the New Year, for child or adult, then a bouncy castle is your best bet. This idea is different to the average party that everybody has seen before, and...

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Five questions you need to ask your jumping castle hire company before the big day

Posted by on 6:15 am in Blog | 0 comments

Few people make a regular habit of hiring jumping castles; chances are, it may be the first time you have looked into hiring a jumping castle for your event. Everybody does know about the fun that they offer guests at their party or event, but not much else about picking the right supplier. If you are seeking something unique and memorable for your event in Adelaide, choose jumping castle hire. But how to choose? To help you out, we’ve highlighted five questions you should ask your company before the important day arrives. 1. Are you...

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How to make your work function so much better with jumping castle hire

Posted by on 6:14 am in Blog | 0 comments

If your office is in Adelaide and you are in charge of planning the next work function, mostly because you missed the meeting where it got assigned, then we have some good new for you. This task doesn’t have to be as tedious as you thought, and you are not the unfortunate soul who is going to throw the least attended work day in history. On the contrary, we can help you put the ‘fun’ back into function with our awesome jumping castle hire in Adelaide. Work functions don’t have to be all sales forecasts and seriousness Even if this is a staff...

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How the range of bouncy castles in Adelaide will blow your mind

Posted by on 12:52 pm in Blog | 0 comments

There are many different reasons why you might want to hire a bouncy castle in Adelaide. You might have a child’s birthday party or be in charge of the entertainment at the footy club family day. You might even have some adult friends who just really like jumping on stuff. But I’ll bet you had no idea just how wide the range was of jumping castles that you could hire. It will blow your mind. And after you read this, you will be putting your hand up to organise the hiring for the next school fete, trust me. Ok, so just how many different types...

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